British Halfpence 1745


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King George’s War was the 3rd in a series of Anglo-French Colonial conflicts in N. America. Britain & France had been in conflict over colonial boundaries in Acadia, N. New England, & the Ohio Valley. Warfare developed in the American colonies in 1744 when the French attacked a British position at Canso, Nova Scotia on May 13 destroying a fortification & transporting prisoners to the French stronghold at Louisbourg on Cape Breton Island. In 1745, Wm. Pepperrell from Maine raised a force of 4,000 men & attacked Louisbourg which was regarded as the most secure position in N. America. The British Navy assisted by preventing reinforcements from reaching the French fort. The siege ended in June when British soldiers staged an heroic raid on the fortress, forcing its capitulation. King George II rewarded Pepperrell with a baronetcy, the 1st American colonist so honored.

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