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Civil War Union coin setOn October 16, 1859 before the Civil War started, a man named John Brown, backed by money from abolitionists in Canada & New England, lead a raiding party of 16 white men & 5 Black men in an attack on the Federal Arsenal at Harper’s Ferry, Va.. His motive was to set up a republic of fugitive & freed slaves in the Applachians, & then declare war on the slave States of the South. After a shoot-out with the mayor (which they killed) & some towns people, Brown & his men got trapped in a warehouse. After a couple of days, the U.S. Marines, lead by Col. Robert E. Lee, came & had a shoot-out with Brown & his men, by night fall, with Brown wounded, & 10 of his men dead, was taken prisoner. Brown refused at his trial to plead insanity as a defense for his actions so he was found guilty of treason, criminal conspiracy & murder & was hung on Dec. 2.
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