Judea Capta Vespasian 70 AD


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To remind the Jews of their defeat in the First Revolt this “Victory Coin” of Emperor Vespasian is one of many coins Commemorating Rome’s recapture of Judea after 4 years of independence. The conquest of Jerusalem & the dispersion of Jews into slavery was prophesied by Jesus (Matt 24:2, & Luke 21:24). 800 years earlier, Isiah in 3:25, 26, had forecast, “Thy men shall fall by the sword, & thy mighty in the war… And her gates shall lament & mourn. And she, being desolate, shall sit upon the ground.” The obverse has the Emperor Vespasian with the legend, “Imperato Caesar Vespasianus Augustus”. The reverse reads “Judea Capta” & has a date palm tree (symbol of Judea) with the Emperor on the left & a weeping Jewess seated with head bowed on the right.
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