Morgan Dollar 1889


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Although all of the Morgan Dollars have more value than their face value, the 1889 Morgan Silver Dollar has the most value & is the most sought after coin in the entire Morgan Dollar series because of its connection to the west during the Comstock Lode Silver Boom. The Silver content in an original is .900 silver & .100 copper with a total weight of 26.73 grams. The obverse has a beautifully sculpted Liberty Head that wears a tiara inscribed “LIBERTY” holding wheat of the North & cotton of the South (symbolizing the coming together of the nation after the Civil War) & a liberty cap (the traditional emblem of hard-won freedom). The reverse has a Bald Eagle that is clutching arrows of preparedness & an olive branch of peaceful intent. A large laurel wreath surrounds the Eagle, honoring the nation’s greatness. The inscription “In God We Trust”(which began on U.S.coinage during the Civil War) is inscribed in Old English Script.
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