New York Immunis Columbia 1787


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James F. Atlee designed & coined these for a contract of coinage for the Confederation. Gen. Ogden who was bond-holder for Rahway Mills Mint turned over the patterns to the Confederation Board of Treasury’s chief, Col. Wm. Duer for approval. Unaware that Col. Duer had already given the job to James Jarvis, (who fled the country because he could not do the job & did not have the $10,000 to pay Col. Duer back) Ogden had Atlee strike up a large number of these coins. When they were finally accepted, they circulated at 14 to the shilling. “IMMUNIS COLUMBIA” (Free America) is on the obverse, & “E. Pluribus Unum” (one composed of many) with an Eagle is on the reverse.

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