New York’s Coins of Early America Educational Set


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New York's Coins of Early America Educational SetCASTORLAND MEDAL 1796: In 1792 the Royalists left France to start up a New French-American Colony in upper N.W. New York State along the Beaver River & called it Castorland (Castor means Beaver in French).
IMMUNIS COLUMBIA 1787: James F. Atlee designed & coined these for a contract of coinage for the Confederation.
GEORGE CLINTON 1787: Earned his way into politics by serving in the French & Indian War & also as a member of the Continental Congress.
INDIAN ARMS 1787: The NY Assembly passed the only bill pertaining to coinage in April 1787, which regulated the value of copper coinage & established counterfeiting as a felony.
BRASHER’S GOLD DOUBLOOON: Ephraim Brasher, a NYC Goldsmith & Jeweler designed this Gold piece, which was struck in 1787.
The Brasher Half-Doubloon was struck from the same die but on a smaller, thinner scale.

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