Rhode Island Token


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In 1778, Maj. Gen. John Sullivan in charge Of 10,000 American troops with the aid of 4,000 French troops tried to take Newport, R.I. from British control. On Aug. 20, 1778, British Admiral Howe defeated Sullivan &hen headed for Conanicut Island, just off the coast of Newport, where the Continental troops, hearing of the British advance, fled from the island. In 1780, the British made this token, (showing the hopelessness of the American cause) to deter the Dutch from joining a League of Armed Neutrality with Russia, Denmark & Sweden that was protesting against British inspections on the high seas looking for supplies headed for France, Spain, & the rebellious American colonies. But the token was ineffective, for the Dutch joined the league on Dec. 20, 1780. The obverse shows Admiral Howe’s ocean vessel & the year 1778. On the reverse is a complex scene representing the flight of Continental troops from Rhode Island with the Dutch word “vlugtende”(fleeing) & the year 1779.

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