Seated Liberty Dollar 1870 CC


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In 1870 the price of silver dropped so the Seated Liberty dollar returned to circulation & one of the rarest of all Seated Liberty coins was struck in San Francisco, where less than a dozen 1870-S dollars were minted. After that the output increased to more than a million coins in 1871 & 1872. This coin was minted in Carson City. The obverse has Lady Liberty seated on a boulder holding a pole in her left hand topped with a liberty cap, which declares Freedom. With her right hand she supports the shield of the union inscribed with the word LIBERTY which is symbolic of the Unity of the Nation. Thirteen stars surround her. It was natural for the people of the mid-19th century to turn to the deity for help & guidance. Placing a religious sentiment on something as familiar as a coin was the equivalent of a national prayer.

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