Braided Hair Large Cent 1848


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During the Civil War the large copper Liberty cap cent was an emblem of the Peace Democrats, or Copperheads, and was worn as a watch fob, pendant on a necklace, or the head was cut out of the coin to wear it as a pin. Since the coin was copper, and it featured a head (adorned with a cap which said Liberty), they were called Copperheads. Also the Copperhead is a snake that’s noted for its uncanny ability to strike suddenly and silently, without warning. Copperheads were mostly in the North and their unifying principles were that they opposed the Lincoln administration’s war on the seceded states. They instead pushed for restoration of the Union through a negotiated settlement or, short of restoration, they were willing to see the South separate from them without bloodshed.
The obverse has a Liberty head facing left, encircled by 13 stars and wearing a cap with LIBERTY across it. The date 1848 is at the bottom. The reverse has ONE CENT in the center surrounded by a wreath and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA wrapped around the wreath.

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